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SIVAS - A Revolution in PCR (Passenger Car Radials) & LTR (Light Truck Radials) Tires

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we at Pilot Tires are thrilled to present our latest innovation in the world of Passenger Car Radials (PCR) - the SIVAS. Our history has been a testament to pioneering tire technology, and with SIVAS, we're once again setting new benchmarks.


  • Superior Performance - Our team of engineers has worked tirelessly to ensure SIVAS delivers unparalleled road performance. Whether you're cruising down highways or navigating city streets, expect smooth, silent, and safe rides every time.
  • Eco-Friendly - SIVAS is not just about performance, it's also about responsibility. Crafted using sustainable materials and processes, these tires ensure minimal impact on our planet, without compromising on quality.
  • Innovative Design - Aesthetics meet function in SIVAS. Our cutting-edge design not only offers an enhanced driving experience but also adds a sleek touch to your vehicle.
  • Durability Redefined - Tires are an investment, and with SIVAS, you get the best return. Engineered for longer lifespan and resistance to wear and tear, our tires ensure you spend more time on the road and less time in tire shops.

As we usher in this new era of PCR tires, we invite you to be part of our journey. Explore our website to discover more about SIVAS, its features, testimonials from early adopters, and where you can get your very own set.

Thank you for placing your trust in Pilot Tires. Here's to safer, smoother, and more sustainable drives with SIVAS!