Trucking Fleet Services

Trucking Fleet Services

Why Fleet Management Services?

Fleet services give added value to your customers and enhance your connection with them. They also play a crucial role in optimizing costs per kilometer beginning with the purchase of new tires all the way to tire disposal. Pilot Tires provides assistance to help you implement the best tire care and maintenance practices, including: correct fitment procedures, fit to application, optimum inflation pressure, timely rotation, and preventive actions for abnormal wear. We also guide drivers regarding their role in tire care and maintenance.

Fleet services are customized for hands-on maintenance, inspection, and data to assist in tracking your fleet’s equipment and tire performance. Our fleet management program is aimed at managing your costs within the tire program and providing the right combination of service. Our goal is to derive the maximum value from your casings at the lowest ownership cost for your fleet. Pilot Tyres believes that collaboration is key when it comes to arriving at the perfect combination of services for your fleet. We’ll work with you to arrive at a comprehensive solution that matches your fleet’s requirements.

Analyzing Fleet Data

We’ll assist you with tracking purchases, managing credit lines, and streaming monthly reports. To reduce the total expenditure on tires, we monitor maintenance and repair history and can check tire performance through asset tracking. You’re able to follow real-time data to assist your fleet in tracking inventory across multiple dealers and sharing fleet specs across the network consistently.

Dealer Relationships

To obtain a clear picture of your tire program, partnering with your dealer or their representative will help you track mileage. Over time, you’ll be able to gauge a tire’s performance, with the data telling you if the tire is matching your expectations. The tire program developed between you and your dealer will enable you to optimize your fleet’s performance right up to your customized specifications.

Tire Quality and Maintenance

It’s important to choose a quality tire and purchase the best tires within your budget. Re-tread them as per your requirements. Quality and proactive maintenance practices will avert additional maintenance expenses. Reliable services are available at many terminal and trailer locations.

Regular Check-ups

We cannot emphasize the importance of regular check-ups. A yard check monitors tire pressure, and dual mating on tractors, trailers, and other fleet equipment. A performance tracking report includes item-wise details for every item inspected and recommends the corrective actions to be undertaken post-inspection.

Annual Trailer Inspection

It’s essential to adhere to federal regulations with the annual inspection of all your trailers. If you understand the service provided by your dealer, you’ll be able to rely on the inspection, maximize uptime, and give your staff more time to concentrate on more critical maintenance tasks. Pilot Tyres works with authorized service providers to ensure that inspections comply with the standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in the “Minimum Periodic Inspection Standards". You can make informed decisions concerning your trailers based on the trend-tracking reports that are shared on a regular basis.

Mounted Wheel Services

Pilot Tyres offers Mounted Wheel Services that will enable your fleet to access a full supply of perfectly maintained wheels and tires readily installable at any time. These services comprise mounting and dismounting the tires from the wheels, assembly of new valves, and maintaining your tires air pressure as per fleet specifications. The fleet mechanic only needs to install the finished wheels on the vehicle. The racks at each fleet location are replenished, which increases uptime, enhances shop safety, and improves overall efficiency.

Pilot Tyres will help enable your mechanics to focus on core maintenance tasks and avoid the additional expense of shop equipment.

Wheel & Rim Refinishing

The operational readiness of your vehicles can be increased by including wheel and rim refinishing services in your overall tire program. This also provides product consistency all year round. Our process consists of a rigorous inspection of wheels and rims, and the removal of dirt, grease, rust, paint, and extra coating build-up. Powder coat paint gives the final finishing touch.

Your fleet will have a competitive edge with improved vehicle safety when you pay attention to these seemingly minute details. This will also help your drivers feel a sense of pride toward their vehicles.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

We provide emergency road side service that can help you get your vehicles back on the road with minimum hassle and at affordable costs. Apply at Pilot Tyres to avail yourself of these facilities.

When facing disabling tire problems with your vehicles, contact professionals who will guide you to the service provider nearest you to assist with your tire replacement or re-treading needs.