Warranty and Support

Dedicated Support for Commercial Clients and Fleet Owners

Our tires match the highest standards of excellence in terms of quality and technique. We carefully design and manufacture commercial tires to meet the requirements of our clients. Specially engineered and tested in the Middle East and Africa, our tires are built to last! Your business deserves the best, and our tires are custom-made to give you maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Our motto is to go the extra mile in understanding the unique challenges you face as a fleet owner. As we seek to cater to your specific demands, Pilot Tyres will work with you towards a customized solution for all your business needs.

Support for Fleet Managers

Pilot Tyres assists fleet managers by providing technical assistance to help you make the right purchase decisions for your business. Our team will guide you in choosing the best products possible to meet your needs. You can reach out to us in confidence with your individual fleet specifications, knowing that you will receive optimized solutions for cost savings and efficiency.

As we work with you to design solutions for your fleet, Pilot Tires will ensure that our products complement your business, giving you the durable and profitable answers you need for the long run. We understand the importance of keeping your vehicles on the road and our aim, along with our manufacturers, is to provide distribution and agents in each country to help you. As a manufacturer, we have the points and details needed, with a steady stock of tires for faster deliveries. We also offer on-site balancing and alignment services through a mobile fitment service.

In maintaining our tires, we advise regular evaluations which will help increase tire life and enhance cost efficiency. Our after-sales service is dedicated to offering you personalized solutions in the years to come. We offer this service to all our clients, no matter the size of your business. Reach out to our staff today to discuss the personalized solutions to your needs. Our experienced team is here to guide you before, during, and after the sale.


We take pride in creating products that are built to last. Pilot Tyres offers a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects, from the date of purchase, for all our clients in Africa and the Middle East.
Manufacturing defects are covered under this warranty. We conduct rigorous testing on all our commercial tires, to provide you with economical and efficient products for your business needs. If you need assistance or have questions, reach out to us today.