Power and performance are key when choosing tires for highway driving. Our tires are designed for optimized highway performance with a reduced tread wear rate with low noise. They are fuel efficient and have excellent traction for wet weather handling. Our tires are also built for optimum tread depth to ensure longer life.

The design of the shoulder heat dissipation groove improves its effectiveness and durability by preventing any harsh impacts. The low-heat forming rubber at its base prevents excessive heating, which would lead to rapid expansion during driving, while high-strength steel wires promote excellent service life for tire users. The high-strength carcass and belt layer steel wire (CCST) helps our tires perform well even after many miles of travel.

The high saturation design of this tire improves resistance against wear and tear. In addition, a wide driving surface with optimized material distribution ensures you’ll receive all the benefits and performance attributes you need, such as rolling distance and turning ability.

The new zigzag design of the variable angle groove effectively improves function, dispersion stress and stronger eccentric wear resistance.


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