On and off road

On and off road

On and Off Road

Our on-the-road tires are built for safety and provide excellent grip while driving. Compounds provide micro-contact with the ground and superior technology for longevity. Safety comes first; our tires are designed to handle both wet and dry roads efficiently. A smooth ride with a shorter braking distance is guaranteed with Pilot tire. Shock-absorbent sidewalls ensure a comfortable drive and minimized tread block provides excellent mileage

Off-the-road tires from Pilot Tyres are built to offer substantial support for machinery at engineering sites, or for large dump trucks and bulldozers for road construction or snow removal. Our tires are durable and heat-tolerant, making them suitable for Middle East and African markets.

The penetrating lateral wide groove design improves excellent driving and grip performance, and gives the tire high-pass performance under poor road conditions.
The deep groove design improves tire life. The design of a horizontal drainage ditch improves vehicle handling and aesthetics. The stone ejector platform at the bottom of the ditch ensures good stone discharging performance.

The shoulder rib design increases the rigidity of the shoulder groove, which improves service life.
The open shoulder design greatly improves the heat dissipation performance of the tire, while also giving the tire excellent self-cleaning properties.

Adopting super strong carcass and belt steel wire (CCST) gives our tires great bearing capacity.
Our wear and tear resistant formula designs gives tires excellent puncture, wear, cut and tear resistance.