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About Us

Pilot Americas, Inc., is a fast growing and uniquely successful US corporation and a leading provider of premium TBR (truck and bus radials) tires. Our commitment to quality, innovation and customer service has established Pilot as a trusted and reliable partner for commercial vehicle operators. Our team of experienced professionals leverages advanced technology and materials to develop tires that deliver exceptional performance and durability which meet strict industry standards. Whether you’re in need of new tires for a fleet of buses or single trucks, Pilot has the products and expertise to help you optimize the performance and needs of your vehicles

We cater to demands all over the world. Our tires are designed in the USA, while our manufacturing processes are carried out in China. The advantage of both countries enables Pilot to create high quality tires that meet the ever-expanding needs of our clients. We work with a global network of suppliers and manufacturers, allowing us to offer a wide range of tire sizes and styles to meet a variety of commercial vehicles. Furthermore, our rigorous testing and certification process ensures that every tire meets our high standards for performance, durability and safety.

Our quality tires have a robust structure and higher load-carrying capacity. With our 3-year warranty, our tires can sustain multiple re-treads and uniform wear; creating longer life. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment where we develop tire solutions that maximize productivity, guarantee safety, and positively impact profitability. We conduct tests on raw materials to ensure that the best quality rubber is used. Our tires are subjected to x-ray inspections, technical evaluations, and endurance tests. The end result is a product that meets safety standards while offering superior quality. In addition, our people are the backbone of our company. We also believe in collaborating with our partners and stakeholders at every step along the way.

Our durable, reliable and sustainable tire solutions help our clients maximize productivity while improving profitability. We manufacture tires of all sizes, to meet your individual requirements. Our tires provide high-quality performance on highways, mining sites or for your on-or-off road needs. Our tires are tested in a variety of road and weather conditions to deliver excellent braking, speed confidence, control and handling for high-performance vehicles.

Our Management Team has 70+ years of combined experience in the the tire industry


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Our Mission & Vision

  • Provide the highest quality TBR tires for commercial vehicles, backed by exceptional customer service and technical expertise.
  • Exceed customer expectations by continuously innovating and improving our TBR tires; operating with integrity and respect for the environment.
  • Be the leading provider of premium TBR tires for commercial vehicles by delivering superior performance, durability, and safety, through a commitment to excellence in everything we do.
  • Enable commercial vehicle operators to optimize their vehicles by offering a range of TBR tires that are tailored to their needs; backed by world class service and support.
  • Create value for our customers, employees and shareholders by delivering superior TBR tires that enhance performance and safety for commercial vehicles, while operating with integrity and respect for the communities in which we operate.


Commitment to Excellence

The drive to do better and deliver the best requires power and dedication at every step. We believe in excellence in everything we do and demonstrate it in everything we deliver.


It’s the imagination and skill that challenges the ordinary. We believe in thinking big and going the extra mile to achieve flawless results.


Honesty, trust and fairness are the cornerstone of every successful foundation. We aim for an open culture that involves integrity and ethics from the heart.

Long-term Relationships

Communication is crucial in establishing connections with our stakeholders. We value and care for our people and work to form bonds that ensure we both grow and succeed together.